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I 27 love the mechanics and the story so it's a win for both of us :. Have you finished? The story is super compelling near the end. No, we are still on the first story, we spent a while learning the game which was surprising since they sat patiently because they were so interested. I'm much more prepared now for when we pick up where we left off. I love the production on this game so much from the art and minis, right down to the story, buuut I really dislike the dice mechanic. If you haven't tried it, definitely look into Mice and Mystics.

It's also story driven, and by the same guy Jerry Hawthorne who is really good at what he does. I am looking at that one too, though I hear its a little heavier on the rules I tried to play with my 8yr old and we barely tapped into the first starter story then decided to pack it up. I'll have to try and open it up again, any pointers? I had a similar experience with my 7 and 9 year old. They just didn't seem to really like it and neither did I to be honest.

Stories, analogies and fables

I really wanted to like it. I enjoyed Mice and Mystics which is very similar. Maybe I should just play that with my kids. I read the story parts animatedly and with a little bravado, I also read ahead on the first few story pages so setup would be fast and interest wouldn't be lost. I'm so glad to read this and the comments.

My oldest daughter is at the stage where she wants to play games but we have a difficult time finding ones that arent too difficult or too easy. Its been on my amazon list for a while now and I guess it's time to hit the buy button!

Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition by Kel McDonald

I do recommended watching the How-to-play on youtube just for clarification; the rules on a couple points are a little unclear. Also read ahead may help for setup and ease of play. How does this game and Mice and Mystics compare to City of Kings? Both are under storytelling on BGG. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Stuffed Fables was a great purchase.

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As a coach, you understand how essential it is to encourage others, but sometimes it's difficult to connect with them on a deep level. Enter stories and fables!

Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more

Inspirational stories and fables can help your clients understand themselves in a deeper way so they can overcome particular challenges in their life. With this licensed content, you can help individuals jump hurdles and conquer their fears. Imagine augmenting your coaching sessions, creating relevant social posts, podcasts, or even coaching programs with done-for-you resources like this. You'll be able to be a force for good in the lives of untold numbers of people, giving them the insight they need.

So what can you do with these therapeutic metaphors?

Drake - Nice For What

Of course, you can give it away to coaching clients as additional material. Record the content as an audio story or find a voice artist on Fiverr or Upwork. Create an inspirational video and publish it on Facebook. Add it to your monthly magazine. Create a membership site.

Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more
Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more Fuzzy Fables - Yes theres more

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