Great Balls of Fire

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However, in , incensed parents called it blasphemous and immoral, saying it would lead to sure-fire juvenile delinquency. Why all the fuss?

See what all the fuss is about when you click here. The quote today almost always refers to the famous song. But that's okay, because the initial "R" rating never stuck anyway.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Great balls of fire

Today it's a favorite with '50s-themed diners, karaoke nights, Broadway musicals , movies , and your grandparents' mix tape. For you real movie buffs, remember in Gone with the Wind when Scarlett shocks Mammy by ripping down her mother's drapery to make a dress?

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Scarlett retorts, "Great balls of fire! Get away from this man, Myra!

This show's performances are over.

He's your cousin! You're 13!

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Courtesy of Orion Pictures. Dec Great Balls of Fire! USA, , min, Dir. Jim McBride. God, sorry for the chair in the pic, I wanted to get my good side in this reflection. I'm just your regular ol' Narcissus!

Great Balls of Fire! - Cinema Obscura -

Jasmyne Keimig. That eye belongs to Sissy Spacek. John Cassavetes. It's a continuous stream.

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Paul Mazursky. Harry won an Academy Award. Chase Burns.

Great Balls of Fire [Original Version][*]

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Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire
Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire
Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire
Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire
Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire

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