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We are drawing on His Holiness without ceasing. We are walking in that will of God which He did, and which He enables us to do. And we are looking forward to meet Him with great joy, 'when He shall come to be glorified in the holy ones, and to be admired in all them that believe. He, the Spirit of Holiness, is secretly transforming us within, sanctifying our spirit, soul, and body, to be blameless at His coming, and making us meet for the inheritance of the holy ones in light.

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We are looking forward to the time when He shall have completed His work, when the body of Christ shall be perfected, and the bride, all filled and streaming with the life and glory of the Spirit within her, shall be set with Him on His throne, even as He sat with the Father on His throne. We hope through eternity to worship and adore the mystery of the Thrice Holy One.

Even here it fills our souls with trembling joy and wonder: when God's work of making holy is complete, how we shall join in the song, 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which wast, and art, and art to come! The Lord Jesus Himself is to appear, the power of sin and the world is to be destroyed; this visible system of things is to be broken up; the power of the Spirit is to triumph through all creation; there is to be a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. And holiness is then to be unfolded in ever-growing blessedness and glory in the fellowship of the Thrice Holy: 'He that is holy, let him be holy yet more.

Can it be that God's holy ones, made holy in Christ Jesus, with the very spirit of holiness dwelling with them, on the way to meet the Holy One in His Glory and Love, can it be that they need the question?

And again, alas! And yet again, alas! And yet once more, alas!

Holiness - Bible Promises Spoken

Oh, the question is needed! Shall not each of us take it, and keep it, and answer it by the Holy Spirit through whom it came, and then pass it on to our brethren, that we and they may help each other in faith, and live in joy and hope to give the answer our God would have?

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The world is passing away. The heathen are perishing. Christians are sleeping. Satan is active and mighty. God's holy ones are the hope of the Church and the world.

Holiness Revealed

It is they their Lord can use. Shall we not yield ourselves afresh and undividedly to Him who is our Sanctification, and to His Blessed Spirit, to make us holy in all behaviours and pieties? Amen: Come, Lord Jesus. Most Holy God! With our whole soul we answer in deep contrition and humility: Holy Father!

In faith and love, in zeal and devotion, in Christlike humility and holiness, O Father! Holy Father! Visit, we beseech Thee, visit all ministers of Thy word, that in view of Thy coming they may take up and sound abroad the question, What manner of persons ought ye to be? Lay upon them, and all Thy people, such a burden under surrounding unholiness and worldliness, that they may not cease to cry to Thee.

Grant them such a vision of the highway of holiness, the new and living way in Christ, that they may preach Christ our Sanctification in the power and the joy of the Holy Ghost, with the confident and triumphant voice of witnesses who rejoice in what Thou dost for them. O God!


O Holy God! We bow our knee to Thee, O Father, that Thou wouldst grant us, according to the riches of Thy glory, to be mightily strengthened in the inner man by the Spirit of Holiness. What manner of men ought ye to be in all the holy living? This is a question God has written down for us. Might it not help us if we were to write down the answer, and say how holy we think we ought to be? The clearer and more distinct our views are of what God wishes, of what He has made possible, of what in reality ought to be, the more definite our acts of confession, of surrender, and of faith can become.

Let every believer, who longs to be holy, join in the daily prayer that God would visit His people with a great outpouring of the Spirit of Holiness.

Pray without ceasing that every believer may live as a holy one. Holy in Christ. When you gather in your homes in times of joy, remember My sufferings and the things I endured from the satanic legions. When spring comes upon you and you enter your gardens, meditate on My tribulations and hardship; be of those who remember. Know, then, that although We were amongst you for the longest time, you did not recognize Us, for We had concealed Our countenance from you and all created things.

Say: The Beauty of the Eternal was amongst you, vested with the raiment of God, the Mighty, the Exalted, the All-Wise, and the Lord of all contingent beings was made manifest in the guise of the common man, and you knew Him not. When the decree was realized and the promise fulfilled, He was revealed from the orient of the divine Essence, with an irrefutable sovereignty.

O beloved of God and His legions! Consecrate your endeavors unto God and His beauty, and whenever you should hear His verses, thank God, your Creator, for having enabled you to recognize His own Self after you had been heedless of Him. Then prostrate yourselves before God outwardly and in your hearts, then praise Him for the revelation of this ancient grace.

Beware lest you be in conflict regarding the cause of God and fail to observe the laws of God as are revealed in the Bayan from One Who is mighty and munificent. Then gather together in love, and set right whatever antipathy has come between you, that you may be as one soul upon a incomparable seat of truth. Beware lest you should exceed the limits [2] which God has ordained for you and transgress them; do not be among those that breed corruption.

Should one in destitution come before you, freely give what God has bestowed upon you and do not be among those who withhold their blessings.

Holiness Revealed

Should you discover one who has been wronged, deal compassionately with them and consort with them with the utmost kindliness. Should you come across one who is weak in faith, do not turn away from them, rather call them to remembrance with kindliness and an eloquent tongue, that they might recognize the cause of God within themselves and become apprised of that which they are commanded by One who is the Omniscient, the All-Knowing. Beware lest one be in conflict with another, lest a soul wrong another, lest someone be unfaithful to another, lest a friend backbite another, lest one disown their brothers in faith.

Be mindful of God in all that We have revealed to you and be among such as are assured thereof. Beware lest you withhold the bounties of your wealth from your kindred and the poor and poverty stricken. In all this do We counsel you and God command you, if ye be among those who understand.

Thus do We set forth the verses affirming the divine unity and that which you have been commanded, that you may testify unto the oneness of your Creator, with the tongue of your inner and outer being, to such measure that His signs be revealed from every limb of your bodies, and that you be among those who confirm His singleness. God is the One unto Whom your souls, your hearts, your spirits, your bodies and all that you possess shall return; indeed, He is the end of all in the heavens and on earth.

Holiness Revealed Holiness Revealed
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Holiness Revealed Holiness Revealed

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