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The case was peculiar.

Derived forms of wiretap

For one thing, agents took the suspects to court in San Bernardino, even though little of the crime they were investigating had happened there. They sought the wiretap from prosecutors in Riverside, which had an even more tenuous connection. The justification the DEA offered in its wiretap application was that the phone of someone who had been stopped leaving the store with a shipment of cash had been in contact with another phone that had, in turn, been in touch with a phone belonging to a Riverside County nightclub owner agents suspected was a drug trafficker.

Federal law bars the government from seeking a wiretap unless a top prosecutor has personally authorized the request, a restriction Congress imposed in the s after the FBI secretly eavesdropped on civil rights leaders. Zellerbach said in interviews he could not recall ever having personally authorized a wiretap application. Riverside prosecutors said they have no idea where Zellerbach was on that day — or most others.

Lawyers for Lay and the other suspects asked a judge in San Bernardino to throw out the wiretaps and all evidence tied to them. They started that fight before the criminal case was dismissed, but their case got considerably stronger after prosecutors in San Bernardino conceded that wiretap evidence was tainted. Justice Department lawyers have not indicated how they will respond to that request. It is almost impossible to know how widely the DEA has used tainted wiretaps from Riverside County; many records related to the surveillance are sealed.

They accused him of threatening to kill a police officer who had been investigating him. In Oregon, federal prosecutors used a similar wiretap to bring charges in against three men the DEA said were tied to the Sinaloa drug cartel. One was overheard on a wiretap discussing cocaine shipments with his boss, according to court records. SimpleLanguage expression. Sets the maximum size used by the org.

ConsumerCache which is used to cache and reuse producers. Ignore the invalidate endpoint exception when try to create a producer with that endpoint. Whether to allow components to optimise toD if they are org.

US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman - CNNPolitics

The WireTap uses a thread pool to process the tapped messages. This thread pool will by default use the settings detailed at Threading Model. In particular, when the pool is exhausted with all threads utilized , further wiretaps will be executed synchronously by the calling thread. To remedy this, you can configure an explicit thread pool on the Wire Tap having either a different rejection policy, a larger worker queue, or more worker threads. With the traditional Wire Tap, Camel will copy the original Exchange and set its Exchange Pattern to InOnly , as we want the tapped Exchange to be sent in a fire and forget style.

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The tapped Exchange is then sent in a separate thread so it can run in parallel with the original. So all copies could share objects from the original Exchange.

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  5. Camel also provides an option of sending a new Exchange allowing you to populate it with new values. Camel supports either a processor or an Expression to populate the new Exchange.

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    Using a processor gives you full power over how the Exchange is populated as you can set properties, headers, etc. An Expression can only be used to set the IN body.

    With a single wiretap, police collected 9.2 million text messages

    The Expression or Processor is pre-populated with a copy of the original Exchange , which allows you to access the original message when you prepare a new Exchange to be sent. You can use the copy option enabled by default to indicate whether you want this. Below is the processor variation, where we disable copy by passing in false to create a new, empty Exchange. If you also need to set headers, you would have to use a Processor. A header with key id with the value Edit this Page. Streams If you Wire Tap a stream message body then you should consider enabling Stream caching to ensure the message body can be read at each endpoint.

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